Another Great Review!

InThjeGenesAd1-1 (1)

What a wonderful way to start my Sunday! In the Genes receives another great review!

“I enjoyed–the first book in this series–tremendously, so I was anxiously waiting for this book to be released when I heard there was going to be a follow-up. I did think poor Dawn was put through more traumas than anyone should endure in three lifetimes, but the story is irresistibly creepy. I just had to go to the next chapter, then the next. The author’s writing is very good, it simply grips you and keeps you on the edge of your seat, trapped within the words. I think the fact that she writes in the first person makes the story and characters even more believable, and puts you right there, in the action. I could actually feel Dawn’s fears, her struggles to heal, then her fight to stay alive. The atmosphere in this book is simply breathtaking. Great job, K.D. Bloodworth!”

I’m a proud author!


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