One Lucky Woman, I AM!


Monday seems a bit too quiet today. Retired and no job to fill the empty void left my departing friends and family, I fill my mornings with fun memories of this past weekend. A visit from a friend this weekend filled me with joy. Just to hang out in the afternoon and evenings with a good friend and her family, brought happiness to our home.

How fortunate I am to have such good friends that we find comfort just being in the same room with each other. No need to set the world on fire with our antics, which we have done in the past. No need to constantly be entertained. No need to impress. Just the need to visit and spend time with each other.

Over the years I have made many friends, in many different places. However, I am one very lucky woman who I can say I have a handful wonderful friends. The ones that no matter how long we are apart, the minute we see each other, we pick up right were we left off. The kind of friends we can call and say I need you and the other one comes running. The sort of friends that can sit out on the porch and watch the grass grow, deep in thought and feel comfort from the other.

These friends are the sunshine and flowers of your life. Hold them dear as they are hard to find.


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