Just a Woman.


This is the absolute truth and I can add a few other things: fighter, survivor, friend, lover, and adventurer.

I have survived several nearly fatal surgeries, childbirth, several car accidents, several motorcycle accidents, and several divorces. My heart has been broken more times than I would like to remember. I have had more jobs than most people being fairly good at all of them and excelled at several. I have never been afraid to try something new, even if I was told “women don’t do this or a woman shouldn’t do that.”

I have given my love to people who didn’t deserve it and still care about a few that I shouldn’t. I worked several jobs at a time to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.  I have been homeless and lived in a 1962 Chevy. I have been hungry and I have had too much to eat. I have given to those that had less than myself at my poorest times.

I have gone through menopause twice and have survived cancer. Those two things make me awesome and a fighter. My cup is almost always half full and no matter what, I try to laugh. Those that attended my boob von voyage party before my mastectomy will testify to that.

I sometimes say and do the wrong things, but I’m human, not wonder woman or a superhero. I make mistakes and cry. Afterwards, I put on my big girl panties and press forward.

When I die, do not cry. Please don’t remember me as just a woman. Remember me as that wonderful, crazy, smiling, woman who tried her best to make others laugh.  Why you can even say I was a bitch when I needed to be, because that is a part of me too.

Remember me saying, “She wasn’t just a woman, she was my friend and she loved me.”


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