Thoughts for Authors

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It’s not just a story, or the many hours you put in, writing and editing. It’s not the hours of sleep you were robbed of because your creative mind wouldn’t slow down. It’s not that you are a published author by your own hands or you have a well-known publisher. It’s not that you have written a best seller or that one of your books actually made the best sellers list. What makes you a great author?

You become great when you support other authors, regardless of your status. When you promote for others. When you share their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other posts regarding their work. When you leave a kind review, even if the book needed all kinds of work, in your opinion. You can really hate a book but still be kind. It takes practice but then so does writing. If you’re an author reading this, I bet you can look at your first works and wonder what you were thinking.

You become great when you realize it’s not all about you!  It’s about all of us, the many authors that put in the work and sweat. The ones that lose sleep. The ones that struggle to find the exact wording to describe a scene. It’s about all of us that take the time to lend a few hours a week or time each day help another author get their name out there.

Truth is, not many of us will be a Jackie Collins, or a James Patterson. Not many of us will be picked up by a world-wide known publishing company.  For those of you that make it, I’m proud for you. For the rest of you that are struggling just as I am, I will be proud to give you and your work a shout out from time to time.

I have also stopped, for the most part, reading well-known, famous authors. They have received enough of my hard-earned dollars over the last forty plus years. I now read independent authors or authors with very small publishers or publishers that are trying to help us independent authors. I have found there are some really good reads out there, most for a mere $.99.  After reading most of these books, I have thought, “That story was worth far more than $.99!”

I figure if it’s not me getting famous and selling a ton of books, it should be another author in the same boat as me.  Keep on writing and helping each other. It’s a dog eat dog world but it shouldn’t be an author eat author world!


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