It’s Called Living

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In the early morning hours, before daylight, my true self appears as I awake. I know I should close my eyes and sleep more, specially since it was after midnight before I turned off the Kindle. At last, after a very long and hot Arizona summer, I’m sleeping with the windows and doors open. A soft rain had lulled me to sleep last night. Now, a sweat smell of rain fresh air is spilling into my bedroom. I drift away for a couple more hours.

The second time I wake, before I leave my bed, before I turn on the radio or television, before I see the news on the computer, before I read any emails or check other social media outlets,  and as I drink my first cup of coffee, the world is at peace. Well, my little corner of the world is at peace.

This is the time of my day, when the worries of life is not allowed to invade my time. When what ever is going on in the world, or in my life is kept away with only good thoughts and creative thoughts. I forget the aches and pains that are creeping into my aging body. I forget about financial needs. I forget about the list of things I need to do this day.

This is my time of day. My two dogs seem to know this is my time of the day. They are awake but stay still until I rise.

This little, quiet time for myself, keeps my head from exploding. Knowing that tomorrow is not promised, I try to make everyday a good day. Some days I accomplish this and other days, well let’s just say, Sh*t happens. It’s called living. And everyday upright is better than a day under ground.


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