Making Me Scream


This morning as I sat with my first cup of coffee, I dared myself to not turn on the morning news. FAIL. Stupidity is running amuck. I tuned out all the political crap, and the news about the visiting Pope, and even the talking points about a University ruling out the use of “Man”.  No more mankind,  mailman,  awe man, and so on.  Really?

But then a story came on about how some schools are stopping parents from dropping items forgotten by they children. Of course two sides were taken, the one woman saying it was totally alright, because we are all humans and we forget things. The other woman disagreed, saying promotes dependency of the children on their parents.

As I have said before, we are raising a nation of mambie, pambies, who show no signs of ever having any kind of responsibility for themselves. It wasn’t all that long ago that children were raised in home where the parents owned only one car. If both parents worked outside the home transportation was figured out either by sharing the car, public transportation, or car pooling. In my case, we had one car, my father worked and I had a stay at home mom. If we forgot our lunch, homework, gym clothes, or whatever, we dealt with it. There was no calling home to mommy to save our forgetful asses. If we got a bad grade because we forgot our needed items, we took the responsibility.

I can say without a doubt, even if we had two cars, if I had forgotten something I needed for my school day, my mom wouldn’t have brought it to me. A tough lesson to be responsible for the things we needed. Of course my mother helped me with remembering the things I was to take to school until I started fifth grade. Then it was my job. That was the year I started walking to school and went home for lunch. If I had forgotten anything, I could pick it up at lunchtime. By the time I started riding the bus again in seventh grade, I was pretty darn good at taking the responsibility of remembering the school stuff.

Yep, we have a nation of mambie pambies, who know mommy or daddy will remember everything for them. They will fix anything and cover their butts at all costs. They figure mom and dad will sacrifice just about anything to pay for their college. Even if they aren’t ready or interested in going to college. They think they can borrow tons of money for student loans and not have to pay them back.  They refuse to take a job as they have perceived to be beneath them.  God forbid if they should have to get their hands dirty or beak a sweat while working. We have raised a nation of people who think if you do not go to college you are worthless.

I long for the days when children took on responsibility and it was considered the normal. Those that slacked off, and blamed others for their lack of responsibility were the few and far between. When parents didn’t want their children hanging out with the slackers. Now parents just make up excuses for their slacker child. What was once the norm behavior is now outstanding or considered to be heroic.

It enough to make one want to scream!


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