I Apologize


Yes, I apologize for all the terrible things I said about the heat and humidity in the Southeast!  I will apologize to all the cities in which I referred to needing gills in order to do anything outdoors. Yes, I take it all back. In fact, I would love to be visiting the Southeast to get out of the humidity.

But I live in Arizona, you say.  Lies! It’s a dry heat is nothing but a big fat lie! It might be a dry heat in the late fall through late spring, but once the so-called monsoon season hits, it’s like living in a steam room at  the gym.

Walk outdoors with your glasses on and they fog over. My hair is stuck to my skull and sweat is running down the back of my knees. God forbid one tries to actually do anything outdoors, other than stand still and breathe slowly, or you will surely melt.

I have heard of Southeast Asia hot or Vietnam not, but there is nothing like Arizona hot during the monsoon season.

So again, I apologize for all the mean things I said about being hot in Atlanta, Biloxi, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Richmond, or any number of other places I have lived or visited.

I have family that lives in Southeast Asia, and I have wondered how they do it. Joke is on me. I’m thinking about moving there so I can cool down.


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