Just when all things seem right…

coming this fall

In the Genes explores the strength of a woman trying to recover from a horrible experience and the strength of her marriage. It also raises the question of psychopathic behavior learned or inherited, while the psychopath hunts the woman for revenge.

The story finds Dawn recovered from her physical injuries she received escaping from a serial killer. However, the demons of the experience in Montana haunt her, pushing her into the dark abyss of fear, which finally forces her into therapy.

Feeling well after many months of therapy, Dawn and her husband take a long needed vacation, visiting Montana again to prove she has completely healed. To their surprise, they find the perfect small town to set down new roots and start their life over again.

Unknown to either of them, the son of her past nemesis, has planned for years to find Dawn. His one goal in his demented life is to destroy the one woman who escaped his father. The one woman he blames for his father’s death. By the time Dawn realizes who Donny is, it’s too late. Again, she finds herself trying to survive another Madman.


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