Again, If I were President, or Queen

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I have desperately trying to keep my mouth shut and my fingers still but I can no longer do these things.

I like most Americans, am already tired of the constant bombardment regarding the candidates and the 2016 election. By the time 2016 gets here, I won’t care who in the hell won the election as long as I don’t have to hear about it.

However, with that said, I had a conversation last night of what I would do if I were President or Queen, which ever!

Several things came to mind right off. I’m sick and tired of people pushing their religious beliefs into the political ring. Blackmailing candidates for all sense and purposes, by donating money to the candidate that will push their beliefs into law and onto the rest of us that don’t believe as you do. Wrong!

I’d be the first one to outlaw abortion just as soon as the two million children in Foster care have permanent homes. Everyone against Family Planning must step up to the plate and start adopting. Plus, all these people, need to sign a contract that they will teach their children about sex, birth control and the responsibility of having sex and safe sex. Otherwise, shut the hell up.

The adoption laws need to be revised. Until every American child without a family is adopted, American citizens shouldn’t be allowed to adopt a child from another country.

Now, once all of this is taken care of, we can sit down and rethink, if and when, abortions should be allowed.

The 14th Amendment will be repealed. Passed mainly to guarantee that babies born to slaves would be citizens. We don’t have slaves and this is unnecessary. We are not a young nation trying to build our country. We don’t have enough jobs for the legal citizens living here. This would make the Illegal alien problem a fairly simple matter to solve. If you’re here illegally, you will be deported. You and your family, including any children that were born here. If you fled your homeland because things were so bad, maybe it’s time you stand up and try to fix things there. The US did this over 200 years ago, with muskets and manpower. You and your family may apply for citizenship after five years.

Visas and passports. If as a citizen of the US, you travel to a foreign country with intent to contact any terrorist groups, your passport will be cancelled and you will be denied your citizenship. There will also be a five-year bar on all immigration and Visas.

All members of congress will have term limits. Two terms per lifetime. Then you go home and work at a job like the rest of the citizens. No retirement. No career politicians. It’s called public service. No member of congress will receive any salary greater than the lowest paid recruits in the U.S. Military, including the President. The President may receive one-half of his or her pay for life as retirement. Members of congress and the President, will receive the same health care are retired Veterans and be required to see the same doctors and use the same hospitals.

I will implement a flat tax. There will be no aid to foreign countries until our budget is balanced and our own foreign debt is paid in full.

There’s a few ideas for starters.


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