Happy and Motivated!

new award banner

I thought I would be terribly depressed today but instead I find myself happy and motivated. I have been trying my best in understanding my mood. I will confess I was excited yesterday morning with the hopes MrPerfect.com would win the outstanding award in the Thriller genre, in the IAN awards.  When I opened my email and didn’t see a message from IAN, there was no big let down. I was still so proud of my second novel to be noticed and selected as a finalist, there was no sadness or letdown in my being.

This morning I was thinking if my mood was the result of my maturity or the fact I was raised in the time where everyone didn’t receive a trophy. Maybe a bit of both. I tried to remember how I felt upon winning a few art awards years ago for my drawings and paintings. So being honest again, I barely remember receiving those awards, so many years ago. I do remember being proud and hanging my art work on my parents living room walls. I wonder if I was jealous of the winners? Probably since I was just a teenager.

However, I was raised that not everyone received a ribbon or trophy. We did our best and if we won a ribbon or trophy that was fun, and something to be proud. We had tried our best but with the knowledge that someone else had done just a bit better. We would try harder the next time.

Being a finalist has given me a huge boost to finish the sequel and await opinions if In The Genes holds up to MrPerfect.com. I have hopes that my writing has improved and I still hold the reader’s interest.

I applaud the other Finalist and those that won Outstanding Book in their Genre. I’m proud of all the finalist, including myself. I hope more people will begin picking up Independent Author’s work more often.

Stay happy and motivated no matter what you choose to do. You don’t need an award to be either.


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