Do You Have A Fever?


Yesterday while driving I told my husband we should write a story about smart people escaping the Zombies. He informed me it would be a very short story if he was the hero. There would be a zoom in shot of him in his mountain retreat, probably in Montana, with tons of ammo and rifles around him as he sat out on the deck, shooting Zombies and drinking coffee. End of story.

I have to admit, I love a good Zombie story as much as any Zombie lover. I have never missed one episode of The Walking Dead. I also have to admit, I believe Rick and his followers are about the dumbest survivors ever imagined. After all they have been through, why are they are still roaming around the Southeast? I might die sooner but the first thing I’m doing when the Zombies come is get away from populated areas.

Zombies will be wondering what that fast-moving vehicle was and where was it going?  Unless I have the misfortune of waking up from a coma and finding most everyone else dead, I’m getting out of here at the first sign of an outbreak. I am smart enough to leave when I see my neighbors trying to eat each other. Won’t see me talking over the back fence with Mary, asking her if she saw  our other neighbor Linda, eating the mail carrier yesterday.

I’m afraid Mary would be telling her husband, that she saw Dawn mowing down Linda with her big truck. It looked like Linda was eating the mail carrier and Dawn had her truck loaded with all kinds of plastic totes.  Before the networks went down I would tell my kids where we were going and to bring their guns, ammo and food.

Fair warning, if you see us high tailing out-of-town and heading to the wilderness you might want to take your temperature, as you might have the Zombie fever.


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