Moderate by Choice


I promised myself I would try my best to keep my fingers still on this whole campaign crap, but I’m going to throw some food for thought out here, just because I can.

First, please realize, I was born into a working class, believers of the Unions, Democrat. Somewhere along the ling, I realized the Democrats of my youth wasn’t what they had been and I started leaning to the dark side. Before Daddy died, he told me Unions had long out-lived their usefulness and he wasn’t happy with the Democrat party.

I went full tilt Republican for a while, but now I consider myself a Moderate, which I believe more people would admit to if they had any kind of back bone. Being loyal to a certain party, no matter what they are doing or planning just doesn’t make good sense to me. That blind devotion has proven bad outcomes throughout history, and yet followers of both parties keep on the blind loyalty train. The 2016 election train is a runaway.

I watched the two debates last night trying to decide if there was anyone saying anything different, beside the same old Washington jibber jabber. If I could roll all of them up into one person, I think there would be a good front-runner.

However, here are some things I haven’t understood for a long time and I am no closer to understanding these things after last night.

I don’t think religion should be allowed to be brought up during any debate or election. There is a separation of State and Religion for a reason. It’s none of my business what religion any politician is, or has been. This needs kept in their home and not at the office, not on my dime. Worship any way you choose, I will do the same. I’ll stay out of your religion and you stay out of mine.

Why are we still in 2015 arguing the abortion laws? In addition, why in the hell are men arguing about this? I’m a firm believer in pro-choice. I’m not sure if personally, as a woman, I would ever choose an abortion, but I want it to be legal for me to make that choice. It’s my body, my conscious, my religion, not anyone else’s.

Another thing I don’t understand is this undocumented alien stuff. It’s against the Federal Law to be in this country without a passport or visa. Even if you come here legally and your visa run out and you don’t go home, you are here illegally. That’s a felony. Why do we have ICE and border patrol officers if they are not allowed to do their jobs? Thirty years we have been watching people come here illegally or stay here illegally and we are still doing nothing. Close the borders, stop issuing Visas, send illegals back to their home countries and let them get in line with all the other people waiting to come here legally. Why is that so hard to understand?

What if you went to a doctor and he performed a procedure on you, then you found out he didn’t finish medical school. Well, isn’t he just an undocumented physician? Someone crashes into you, totally your car and sending you to the hospital. You learn he never had any kind of drivers training and doesn’t have a driver’s license. Doesn’t that make him, just an undocumented driver?

Some ask, what about their poor children. Yes, that’s sad, deporting the whole family but it was illegal decisions that are the results of the family being pulled apart. On the other hand, if the law didn’t allow for all persons born on American soil to be American citizens, this wouldn’t be a problem. American is not a young nation, trying to build the country, allowing such a law. It’s time to amend this law. In fact, it’s past time to amend this law.

If you are caught traveling to another country to join any kind of terrorist organization, then you should lose your passport and not be allowed back in the country. If that’s what you want, then that’s what you shall have. No putting your terrorist mind set in one of our prisons so my tax dollars pays for your upkeep. If a person is convicted as a homegrown terrorist, or traitor, I personally believe they should be hung.

Last night someone said, there is no such thing as a politically correct war. No truer statement was made.

The Moderates of this country are at war with the outdated two party system. We are at war with the blindly devoted political party train passengers.

Now, I’m waiting for Hillary to debate herself, so I can see what kind of jibber jabber she spills out.


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