A TKO for Insecurity!

award banner

It’s been a while since I have sold a copy of my book which made me start wondering about my story telling abilities. I’ve said all along, being an author will cause one to become an insecure mess. One day I’m flying high because I received a great review, the next day, I feel like dog crap on the sole of my shoe. A few days later I look at my sales and start wondering why I’m trying to write another book.

I’m astute enough to understand in the big wide world of publishing, I am just a tiny speck in that universe. Still I long to be noticed.

Then last night I received an email stating, MrPerfect.com was selected as a finalist in the Independent Publishers Thriller Awards. I could hardly believe what I was reading. A finalist! I was on my way to bed when I received the email. Needless to say, I was up a couple more hours.

How amazing it was to me, that this little speck in the publishing universe received a Gold Finalist ribbon. It finally sunk into my insecure, thick skull, that I had really told the story well. That MrPerfect.com, was most certainly the thriller I had wanted to write.

This morning I’m still flying high and the insecure part of my creative brain is still sleeping. Even if MrPerfect doesn’t win, I think the insecure part of me might be asleep for some time.

Being a finalist just slapped insecurity into a TKO!


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