Living with Reality


Here’s the reality of it all:

Before I was thirty, I never really gave a thought of dying. That was something other people did, not me. Not that I thought I would live forever but still. I continued to live my life as if I would. The decades slipped by until one day it dawned on me, I was turning sixty. Holy crap! How did that happen?

Taking stock of things I had done and seen in those sixty years, I was pretty pleased with my accomplishments. I hadn’t saved or changed the world but I made a lot of changes in myself. Those changes years ago might have saved me. Don’t get me wrong, even with the changes for the good, I still made a ton of mistakes. Some I learned from and others I repeated. I never said I was a genius, just a hard learner in some cases.

Here I am, over five years later, still chugging along. I try not to think of my life being on that downhill slide towards the end but in reality, I have to face the facts. I’m closer to the end than the beginning or for that matter, the middle. I have family members that died long before this age and there are those that lived into their nineties. Holy crap, if I live to be ninety, that only leaves me twenty-five more years. Most people don’t understand just how fast twenty-five years passes by, until they reach fifty. When I was twenty-five I never thought about being fifty, much less sixty-five or older.

The reality of aging is, the older you get the more things you want to do before you get too old to do them. This is why we see eighty and ninety year old people sky diving. I’m even toying with the idea. Although, I might wait a couple more years before I take that maybe fatal step out the door of a perfectly good airplane.

I’m at the age where I am thinking, I hope I have enough time left to do this or that. The older I get the longer my, ‘I want to do this’ list gets. Maybe my subconscious is thinking with more things on the list, the longer I may live. Because people never live long enough to achieve all that wish to do.

My advice to anyone, would be to stop worrying about making lots of money for your old age and live your life as if your golden years will begin next year. The reality of life is that it passes by faster they you can imagine. Learning to live with that reality is a whole other thing.


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