Hoping to Succeed

coming this fall

Call it writers block, a slump, frustration, or dead in the water, I was having a hard time finding my creative words for In the Genes. Classy Designs came up with this wonderful cover and it kicked me into high gear. The thoughts and words have been flowing.

Since I know few other authors, I wonder what makes other’s imaginations work. There are times when I’m writing and I think, I’m one sick individual. It’s not that I would ever want anything bad to happen to someone. I just like writing about things that would terrify me, which also happens to be my reading pleasure.

I don’t like being scared in real life but throw me into a good, scary book and I’m reading until my eyes are a blurry mess. Make me turn the pages in anticipation of what will happen next and I’m a happy reader. I don’t need to know every single detail of the character or the setting, I have a vivid imagination. Just give me enough to set the scene and let me run with the details.

I’m finding as a new author, I tend to write how I like to read. I often wonder if that’s how other authors write. Then I’m finding I’m asking myself the probably age old question many authors ask, “Do I have another book inside of me?”

Lately, I wonder why Harper Lee has after all these years, published her second book. Maybe she was asking herself the same question.

My goal is to make you read, turning the pages until your eyes are a blurry mess. I hope to succeed.


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