Because You Never Know.

Happy Sunday

The rains came to the desert yesterday evening, washing the months of dust and dirt from the land. Last night we enjoyed some time out on the patio in what is considered a cool summer’s night here in the Valley of the Sun. The temperature was hovering near 75*. I laughed, saying I might need a sweater. Usually summer evenings we think ourselves lucky if the temperature is below 100* by bedtime, which is usually between eleven and midnight.

Last night the air was clean and fresh with a slight sweet smell. I stopped just before I returned to the house and sniffed the air, trying to figure out what was the sweet smell. It wasn’t the freshness from the rain and it wasn’t floral. It empowered me to stop in the darkness, close my eyes and take in the sweetness. My husband came around the corner of the house and in the darkness he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. I asked him if he smelled the sweetness in the air. He nuzzled my neck and said, “I thought that was you.”

That comment was sweeter than the sweet aroma all around us. I thought it was funny how a simple comment from someone we love can make even a nice moment a great one. A simple loving comment or touch can make you forget all the woes of the world, if even for a short period.

In that those few minutes last night in the darkness of our little corner of the world, everything was good. No illness, no strife, no worries. If I could teach anything, I would teach people how to seek out these times in their lives and hold them dear. Turn off that cell phone, that computer, that television, and enjoy some peaceful time.

Take a few minutes every morning to enjoy someone’s company. Starting your days with a few quiet moments with someone you love or something you love can make the difference in having a great day, a so-so day or a bad day. Grab every morning like the fresh sweet start it is because you never know when it may be your last day.


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