Haven’t been Offended yet today, OK read this!

58086176Being of sound mind, (I can prove this because my doctor has told me so), I have been wondering how the politically correct are handling things. I’m probably going to offend you so plan on getting your panties in a wad, but the truth is the truth.

Let’s say as a young person I was very ill and I had a wonderful doctor. I studied hard and as an adult, I became a doctor. One could say the doctor that took care of me all those years ago influenced me. That makes sense.

On the other hand, how about, as a young person I saw a very funny comedian on a TV show. I learned as much about him and his acts as I could over the years. While I was in school, I decided to try my hand at being a stand-up comedian. People love my jokes and the way I deliver my act. In an interview, I’m asked who influenced me. Why even though I had never met the comedian face to face, I could actually, his style and sense of humor influenced me. That makes sense also.

The way I look at these two scenarios, although they are not directly connected, the other influenced the one person. Pretty simple in my opinion.

I have one more scenario, pertaining to the shooter yesterday. For all accounts so far, everyone is surprised that this young man shot up two places, killing four Marines. Although his yearbook comment makes one wonder what was going on with this young man. The comments coming from our President on how this man was a Lone Wolf or Lone Gunman with no connections to ISIS is a boatload of bull. Somewhere along the line, someone influenced him, and it wasn’t anyone with good intentions. All of a sudden, a young Muslim man doesn’t decide to shoot up two places and kill.

Doesn’t matter, Loan Wolf or Lone Gunman, the four Marines are dead by the hands of an enemy. Yes I use the world enemy. Our President or our leaders won’t use that word, but I will. Standing alone or standing in a group, if you hate America and all she stands for, then you are the enemy. How simple is that?

Stop pussy-footing around the truth. ISIS, all those actually connected with them, and all of those influenced by it are our enemies. What do our leaders do instead of stopping our enemies? They try to make nuclear deals.

I know this post is going to piss many people off, but oh well. I have been waiting all morning for someone to say if Tennessee had better gun control yesterday would have never happened, because that’s how some people think.

America has turned into a pussy-footing, pansy-assed, politically correct, nation of wimps. Our enemies walk among us, willing to die for their cause, while we sit around and try not to offend everyone.

I’m offended that four Americans died yesterday, on American soil, unable to defend themselves all because a former President decided it was offensive for our trained military to be armed in Federal Buildings. But more so, I’m offended that our President will not step up and declare war on our enemies, here on our soil and abroad. How many more Americans need to die before people wake up?


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