Still Fun After All These Years

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Summer has actually arrived as there is absolutely nothing worth watching on the old tube. A few summer shows have shown up here and there but for the most part we search the 250 channels in despair, hoping to find anything but a rerun or reality show of some kind. I remember the days when we only received 13 channels and some of those weren’t received clearly. Many shows were watched through snow. For anyone born after 1980, I wasn’t watching the television outdoors in the winter time. For the past few weeks, my husband and I have been reading or spending time on our computers in the evenings.

Last night after we watched some HGTV  programs we enjoy, I started scanning the schedule. A big smile came to my face as I stopped on a channel showing THEM! I pressed the select button. The host of the program had just started talking about the actors and the special effects. My husband looked up and commented, THEM, cool.

THEM is one of two movies I remember going with my parents to see at a theater. The first movie Hondo, was a 3D western starring John Wayne.  I have a few memories of this time of my life, I was three or four years old. THEM however stick with me and is a great memory. Maybe this exposure to a horror movie at my young age is why I love horror movies.

By today’s standards, THEM would be considered terrible regarding special effects. However, for its time, THEM was great! Giant, man-eating ants roaming the country side, making terrible sounds, and reeking havoc. What more could one wish for in a movie?

We were commenting on the movie as we watched. Ah, the good ol days, when police could call someone a homicidal manic. They carried Thompson Machine Guns in  their patrol cars! They had flame throwers and if that didn’t work, hell they would shoot the ants with Bazookas. No PC police telling the cops they couldn’t look like the military or use military type weapons. These New Mexico troopers went in locked and loaded. Oh and get this! When the police told the civilians to do something, they did it! Oh, I forgot, this was just a movie.

This brought back another great memory. My mother telling me the movie was just make-believe. There was no such thing as giant ants. Imagine that? A parent parenting. Which explains why at an early age I understood the difference in make-believe on TV and at the movies and real life. I knew that in real life when someone was shot with a gun, flame thrower or a Bazooka, you were dead, for real. It also maybe explains why I never had nightmares from watching horror movies. The Mummy freaked me out but I knew it was make-believe.

With all the remakes in the past few years, I’m surprised THEM has not been redone. On the other hand, I think I am happy that no one has taken on that project. I think it’s better to remember some movies in their original form. THEM was filmed in black and white, bad special effects, but actually had some good actors and acting.

Funny after all these years, I found myself waiting to hear the screeching sounds of the ants. I smiled when the first ant appeared.

THEM, still fun after sixty-one years!


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