Jumping for Joy!

My beautiful picture

Yes, that’s me many years ago but this morning, I’m feeling just as happy and could jump for joy again. For those of you that follow my blog but do not suffer from IBS or know someone who does, this probably isn’t something that will interest you. I ask that you pay attention anyway. You never know when this little post may save you or someone you know years of misery.

I have always had a sensitive stomach. It would always give me problems if I allowed myself to get too upset over life in general. For the most part I could handle that with learning how to calm myself down emotionally. In 1996, I thought I was getting allergic to beef, as every time I ate beef or dishes with beef, I would be running to the nearest restroom. I had a very sick Gallbladder and it was removed. It wasn’t long after that I was diagnosed with IBS. I was told there was no cure. I had test after test through the years when my symptoms would flare up and they didn’t want to stop. When they would flare up my life was miserable. I never knew if I was going to be out and not be able to find a restroom in time. Symptoms would stop and sometimes they wouldn’t reappear for months. Then out of nowhere, SURPRISE! How embarrassing.

On May 29th, after nineteen years of having doctors tell me I have IBS and there is no cure, I stumbled onto something. I read a report stating a large percentage of IBS sufferers actually had BAM or Bile Acid Malabsorption. You can find earlier post regarding this issue on this site.

The doctor prescribed Colestid or generic Colestipol 1 GM tablets. I’ve been taking this medication for 17 days. Yesterday my family took me out to lunch and I was able to sit through the whole lunch without fear. For the first time in years I was able to walk into a restaurant and not feel the need to sit next to the restrooms for a hasty run during dinner. In fact, I didn’t even look for the restroom signs. I was able to leave the restaurant and make the drive home, relaxed and feeling well.

Today I was able to return to the gym and partake in my favorite, water aerobics! I haven’t been to the gym or pool since my symptoms started several months ago. For the first time in years I was relaxed in the pool, again with no fear of having to make that mad dash to a restroom.

I feel like my old self again, not afraid to start out on a road trip or a hike. I can actually see myself getting up early again and riding my bicycle before the heat arrives. I can hardly find the words to explain how happy I feel this morning.

I want to share this feeling with everyone. For all off those that suffer from IBS or possibly BAM, you truly understand. For those that do not suffer, I hope this will stick in your memory chip somewhere, as you never know when your life may change. I was 46 when my Gallbladder was removed after only a few months of showing symptoms of not working correctly. Doctor said it had been sick for a good while.

I hope anyone reading this, good health. I also encourage them to be proactive in your health. In the mean time, I’m still jumping for joy!


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