Breaking the Habit


In an attempt to lower my blood pressure, I have reframe from watching more than twenty minutes of news in the mornings. A lot of good that does, when my social media sites are full of headlines. Breaking the habit of being a news junkie is worse than stopping smoking. I could remove myself from cigarette smoke and not buy any. I find it almost impossible to break the habit of listening to the news channels, reading on-line news or checking out the local newspapers.

I’m having success with the one cup rule. In the mornings I allow myself to watch the channel of my choice for the duration of my first cup of coffee. When the cup is empty, off I go about my day. I do really try not to respond to headlines on Facebook or Twitter but keeping my fingers still is proving harder than I thought.

Thank goodness my posts have not gone viral as I would probably be getting hate mail and death threats. I dare not make a video, I would be doomed.

My vanity keeps me from making videos. For all you know, I’m 25 years old and a thin size 6 and I just as soon keep it that way. You need not know I’m a hefty, sixty-five years old with sixty years of opinions. Oh, if you’re reading this, you already have figured out that part.


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