What It Boils Down To


After watching the morning news, I decided aliens are right; there isn’t enough intelligent life on this planet to bother with a visit or much less talking to us. As I’ve said before, the inmates are running the asylums.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the Justice Department was only to interfere with State problems if the States could not handle things. However, is seems that under this administration the long arm of the Federal departments are sticking their nose into everything. I’m not a big history buff but I seem to remember something that happened back in the 1800s when the Federal government stuck its nose into State’s rights and we as a nation killed each other.

The latest ordeal in Texas is not a race problem. Both white and black unruly teens were detained. I don’t believe any have been charged as of yet. Of course, most of the videos are only showing black kids being put on the ground. The police officer gave up and quit his ten-year career in order to bring calm to the city. From what I have read, it was a good career, with no complaints. All the people yelling, “he pulled his gun, he pulled his gun,” shut the hell up. Unless you are an officer and have been outnumbered and surrounded by an unruly crowd then you don’t know how to react. There is nothing wrong with an officer pulling his gun from his hoister. He used his training to protect himself and others as people stormed up on him, he did not shoot. Good job officer. The black woman’s rant on Facebook that has hit the national news this morning seems to agree with this old white woman. Teach your kids to respect authority and obey the law and this kind of things will not happen.

No matter what your opinion in this matter is here or there. My beef now, the Justice Department is sending FBI and who knows who else, to investigate this city and their police department. Sending in the Federal officers to stir the pot is only going to divide a nice neighborhood. Going door-to-door, interviewing people on a situation that has been handled by the city will only cause more problems. Of course, the mother of the black teen is now going to sue the officer and probably the police department because her little girl was pushed to the ground. She should have picked her daughter up at the police station and spanked her right then and there. If her daughter had left when the officer first asked her, instead of running her mouth or pulling away when then officer tried to detain her, she wouldn’t have ended up on the ground.

I lived through the time of the race riots in the 50s and 60s. It was ugly. In case you haven’t noticed, during the present administration the divide in this nation between whites and blacks is heading right back to the 1960s. Since 1999, the crime in this country has been on a steady downward trend. Now during this administration all of a sudden crime rates are soaring. Why is that? Why is every incident a racial thing? No one wants to believe the numbers the Department of Justice posts. The last figures I read showed blacks make up 9% of our population but they commit 40% of the crimes. Do the freaking math!

Too many police have been thrown to the wolves or under the bus by their departments because the Justice Department comes in and sticks their nose into places where it doesn’t belong. Why should police do any more than sit in their police cars and wait for a call? Community policing has done nothing but cause them problems. I totally understand why officers are afraid to do their job.

I would just once like to see a Governor tell the Justice Department to go back to Washington and keep their nose out of their State’s business. Police Chiefs are also afraid of losing their jobs, so they are throwing officers under the bus.

I have to agree with the Sheriff I saw on the news this morning. Sorry, I didn’t catch where he was serving but he stated, if you don’t like the way police react to law breaking people and situations, then just obey the law.

I think of myself as a law-abiding citizen, with exception of my driving a bit over the posted speed limit. However, if I am pulled over and given a ticket for speeding, I accept it because I know I was breaking the law. It’s not the fault of my car, other traffic around me or the officers. I don’t accuse the officer of disliking older drivers. The biggest thing, when the officer walks up to my car, I follow his instructions and do to the best of my ability. I don’t jump out of the car and take off running because I’m scared. How freaking hard is that to do?

Years ago when I was about twenty, six of us decided to go into Detroit for an early morning breakfast after we got off work at 2 am. We were motoring down the expressway when all of a sudden there were all sorts of police lights behind us. The driver pulled onto an exit ramp and stopped at the stop sign but at the side of the road. Four or five police cars surrounded us. We were scared and wondering what in the hell we had done. It really got scary when the police pulled their guns. None of us moved. We did what the officer told us to do with no questions asked. Everyone relaxed when the police decided we were not the people they were hunting. Someone had arm robbed a business and the escape car was identical to the one we were in. We were sent on our way with some good advice to go back home. We drove back to Brighton with no other stops. Yes, it was scary. Did the police really need to draw their guns? Why not? They didn’t know if we were the bad guys that had just shot some people.

Again, all the things that have happened in the last year all boils down to parents not teaching their children how to act and respect authority. Color has nothing to do with our problems.


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