Downward Dog Lives!


I’m hesitant on writing this post, fearing I might be jumping the gun on my results regarding the medication. If you read my post last week regarding my nineteen year battle with I.B.S. then your will understand my fear.

For years my symptoms would come and go. No pun intended on the going part. Sometimes the symptoms would stay at bay for six months before something I had been eating started the whole mess over again.

Today starts the seventh day of my new medication treating BAM (Bile Acid Malabsorption). I started noticing a difference on the second day. I was afraid to say anything. Husband and mother would ask as usual every morning how I was doing and I would just reply, okay. Fearing if I said anything promising the symptoms would send me racing to the bathroom.

The third day I began eating things I knew would only stay with me a few minutes just days ago. Not only did the foods stay with me, but also there were no ugly races to the bathroom the following morning. Wednesday night we went to one of my favorite restaurants and had the same dishes that had kept me in the bathroom for the majority of two days the last time I ate there. Not only did the food stay with me, but also yesterday, I was able to leave the house on a short road trip. I was on the road for the better part of three hours. The only restroom stop I needed was to void that one too many cups of coffee I had before I left the house.

Unless you suffer from IBS or BAM, you probably will not understand just how wonderful I felt yesterday when I arrived home without a single incident. In fact, I have been incident free for the entire week.

Please, if you or anyone you know suffers from IBS have them research BAM. Ask your doctor or tell them to ask their doctor about this condition.

I am giving myself a few more days of eating widely, indulging in salads, vegetables and fruit to see if my present condition continues. If so, I’m heading back to the gym and pool. I will be that confident.

Downward Dog lives and I hope to be spending time with him very soon!


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