I’m Addicted


This photo certainly reflects how I thought I looked yesterday as I was begging for someone to fix my internet problem. Note to self, “Begging or looking pitiful doesn’t help one bit, especially when I’m on the phone.”

Late last night during another attempt of logging onto my email via WiFi, I had to face the fact, I’m an addict. I am just as much a computer addict as those people I make light of who are addicted to their cell phones. My only saving grace is the fact I cannot take my computer places with me. I do post things and email short messages from my cell phone but I find it tedious and it bothers my older eyes.

Give me my desk top and my keyboard any day and I’m a happy camper. I do own a small lap top but I only use it when I travel. Most days you will find me at my desk, pounding away on my keyboard. Yesterday I wanted to pound my cell phone and the guy on the other end that kept telling me it wasn’t the server but my computer.

I should have just given up and went about my business. I should have got some writing done or even some house cleaning. But no, not this addict. I needed to get the problem fixed. I was going through withdrawals. Not only did I find myself frustrated with no emails but I was to the point that nothing else interested me. I tried to immerse myself into my writing but soon found that one of the characters was also having a problem with their internet. I deleted those few pages and closed Word. Better write another day.

When did I become this crazed computer addict? I can not remember. I’m sure it didn’t happen at a party with someone saying, “Here, try this. You’ll like it.” I remember when the only computer I used was the one at work as I would certainly not spend that much money to actually own a personal computer. Yet, here I sit in front of one, another to my left and a lap top on the desk to my right. I won’t even begin to explain about the addict to whom I’m married. He makes me look like a first time user. He’s like me though, he would rather use his desk top than to text someone from his phone.

Is there such an organization as CA (Computers Anonymous)? I might need to join. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on my server to fix the problem with my email.


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