Chose Your Words Wisely

Special Pricing

I’m starting to think people believe if something is under a dollar it’s not worth the time for reading. Today is the last day you can purchase at the special price. If you missed out on the Mother’s Day weekend of a free copy, you might think about the special pricing or remember it’s free for Amazon members.

With that being said, I want to thank everyone that took the time for the free gift deal and all of you that purchased my book at the special pricing. I hope enjoyed the story as much as some have. Unless you are an author you might not understand just how much a simple review means to us. I’m not sure if a review effects a best-selling author as it does us new and struggling authors, but wouldn’t it be nice to find out?

All reviews are good, even the ones that hurt. A book review can be compared to commenting on a friends attire or cooking. Would you tell your best friend the outfit they are wearing looks terrible on them? The garment makes them look fat? Or that they look like the walking dead in that color. More than likely you would tell them, “I like you in that blue dress much better, it sets off your eyes.” Or, “I think we can find something better for you, lets keep looking.”

When it comes to cooking, would you spit out a bit of food on your best friends table? I don’t think so. You might leave the food on your plate and hope they didn’t notice or you would thank them and say “I like this but they don’t like me. I better not eat anymore.”

If you don’t like a book for any reason, there is no reason to be unkind or rude. Not all stories are for everyone, I have said it many times. If the book has an adult warning, do knock the book or the writing because of the language or the sexual content. My personal opinion, if you read the whole book there must have been something that got your attention. If you read the whole book don’t leave a review about hating the story or the writing. Our lives are way too busy to spend time reading something that bores you or you don’t like. Even if you don’t like the story or the way it was written, be kind. Write your words as if someone was writing about you, your work or your life.

How much nicer it would be to say: ” I usually don’t read this genre, but I have this book a chance. I enjoyed the plot but like most books in this genre, the same reasons applied as to why I don’t read this type of story. Other’s that read this genre will probably find the story exciting, however I feel there needs to be improvement in…….  ” instead, “I hated this book. The story was terrible and it needs more editing.”

Telling authors their work stinks is as bad as telling us our child is ugly. In so many ways our books are like our children. Please choose your words wisely and like a good manager, if you need to reprimand an employee, sandwich it with kindness.


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