It’s A Fact of Life

feel look

No one could have ever made me understand this when I was under the age of 50. My mother said to me once, “I look in the mirror and can’t understand how that old woman got attached to this young brain.” I had visions of my dear mom living the rest of her life in a padded cell. What a crazy thing to say or even think.

I am here to tell you, no truer statement has ever been made!

Given the fact that I lived long enough that I refused to peer into a full-length mirror naked; I only use from the shoulders up size mirrors. I ask my darling husband if I look all right when we step out. I believe his loving lies that I look beautiful. Whoever said love is blind must have been our age.

My brain still thinks I can do all the yard work and house work as I did thirty years ago. That would be getting everything done in a couple of hours and still have enough energy to go walking or swimming. On the other hand, I would complete these chores in the evenings after a full day’s work. Now days, I plan on which chores I can do before I run out of energy and am still able to prepare dinner.

My once dimples have turned into wrinkles. Someone lowered my eyebrows. I have no idea from where this extra chin came. I do not want to talk about my flying squirrel arms. Oh, the list goes on and on. Father time is like the tooth fairy. He visits us during the night. Only instead of money under our pillows, we find medical test appointments that will cost us money. The bastard also leaves us with a new ache or pain. Something new and exciting every morning, this old age brings.

When I rise in the morning and I sound like a bowl of Rice Crispies, I refuse to complain. So many others I have known have not lived this long and died prettier, thinner, with less wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, flying squirrel arms, and more energy than I.

So what if my body is older than my brain. I can live with that. Remember this; if someone tells you they can’t understand how they think like a young person but when they look in the mirror, they see an old person, they aren’t crazy. It’s a fact of life.


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