Are You Kidding Me?


First, I must say I’m a fan of The Following. I have watched every show from the beginning. However, it has been for the acting and the story, not the writing. I absolutely loved Ryan. I don’t think anyone could have portrayed Ryan as well as Kevin Bacon. However, the writing and technical aspect of the story failed in so many way. The finale of the season/series last night more than proved my point. I kept thinking, this is why the series is ending. Who’s consulting on this shoot?

I wonder if during the filming, Kevin Bacon thought the FBI or law enforcement consultants had even been to a police academy or had ever worked at all as an officer. Maybe it’s because I am married to a retired police officer and have an insight on how police work. Maybe it’s because I have some common sense.

I can’t begin to count the times Ryan or another officer/agent had the bad guy down and ran away unarmed because they didn’t take the time to pick a gun up off the ground. On the other hand, how many times they shot or stabbed the bad guy and walked away only to have the villain jump up and try to kill the agent again. Really? If I have just shot the psycho, serial killer in the head and I walk away? Not happening. I have a Glock with fifteen rounds, sorry serial killer; you are taking one to the head and a double tap to the chest and maybe another round to the head for good measure.

Too many opportunities missed to take Joe and all the followers down in just about every program. I understand the need to drag the end of the crazy makers out, so the series would last longer, but having your boyfriend  being stabbed right in front of you and you sit there and scream? Where in the hell was her gun? Where was her FBI training?

Bad guys are holding an agent and her family hostage while you make plans to go in and rescue them. You decide to go in early, timing your actions because you know the HRT team will be there in ten minutes. I thought, finally the writers might have this right. Then the HRT team shows up with lights flashing and vehicles screeching to a halt while the crazies get away again. I’m not in the FBI or have I ever been, but I would think the HRT team would have crept in like fog, silent and deadly. Snipers set up in the woods around the house and as soon as Theo comes through the door, that would be the end of him. Bam, a .308 to the noggin.  But then again, there wouldn’t be a standoff between Theo and Ryan.

Next time, I hope Kevin Bacon and all the other great actors decide to reach for more reality in their good story and not worry if they can drag the story out for a few seasons. The writers and consultants for the Following made a great training film on how not to be an FBI agent or police officer.

I also found myself wondering if real FBI agents watched this series. I bet they are pretty pissed off that the writing and technical aspects made them look like Freaking Boggling Idiots. Kevin and the other actors deserve better in that department. I did have a fun time yelling at the TV, “Shoot!” “Pick up the gun!” “Shoot him!” “Head shot!” “Kill that ass……!” “Are you kidding me?” “Don’t go in there!”


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