What Happened?


Waking up really early today, unable to slip back to sleep, I turned on the TV to catch the morning news. I usually turn the TV off later feeling I’m in the top percentage of the population that still has walking around sense. Today’s morning reports proved me right again.

When did it happen, this idea that people doing what is right is now being a hero? When I was growing up, a hero was someone who went far beyond what was considered normal behavior in any given situation. Running into a burning building to save someone would have been considered a heroic act. Saving someone from an accident. Now days heroes are made from acts of kindness.

This morning I was watching the reports from Philadelphia, where a horrible train crash happened yesterday. The reporters were interviewing survivors. Many considered heroes as they assisted those trapped or injured before the first responders arrived. Many stayed, when allowed to help the rescue teams.

Then it happened, a video came in by Instagram!  Someone and probably more than one, has posted a video of people trapped and other’s trying to help them. First, I would like to say, the person taking the video should be happy I wasn’t the one being recorded. The video would have never made the post. The conversation would have gone something like this:

“Hey you! You with the cell phone! Put that away!”

“Huh? I’m recording this.”

“Here’s your choice, either put the cell phone away or I’m going to put it away for you. Now get your ass over here and help!”

“But…but..you can’t take my…..”

SMACK!  “Oh sorry dude! Is that uncomfortable? Here, let me help you remove your cell phone from your ass. Now either get over here and help or get off this train. Oh, if you tell anyone the large bump on your head was caused by me smacking some sense into your brain, I’ll just tell them you got a head injury in the wreck.”

This is the kind of nation we have become. It’s more important to record a tragedy than to help fellow humans during and after the event..

Thank goodness there were no cell phone when Superman was saving the planet. He wouldn’t have changed clothes in a phone booth and arrived on time to save the day. He would have been talking on his cell phone, taking photos and posting them to Facebook and Twitter.

I removed a splinter from my husbands toe the other day. I guess I should have posted a video of the removal. Someone might have called to interview me. After all, it’s not everyone that has the nerve to remove a splinter. It was horrible.


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