My Peaceful Place

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I have a peaceful place, a moment in time, a flash in my brain and a photo that hangs in my kitchen, where I escape any time I wish. A simple glance brings calm to my being. A quick look brings fond memories to mind and a smile on my face. To be honest I have many of those photos scattered around my home. How very fortunate I am.

My camera and I have shared a lot of things through the viewfinder over the last fifty years. I have spent many hours looking back on those photos from time to time. One can only imagine the heartbreak when once of my older photo albums was lost during a move. For years I felt as if I had lost years of my life, not just some old photos in an album.

My mother was always going to sort and organize all of the photos in her possession but she passed away before she achieved that goal. I decided I would add my photos to the collection and organize all of them for my daughter. Here I am fifteen years later and I’m not any closer to the end of the project than I was when I started. I have also added fifteen more years of photos to the stack or to the thumb drive.

My dilemma: when I get started on the sorting, I’m sidetracked with images and fond memories. One image reminds me of another I haven’t seen in a while. I ditch the chore at hand and search for one certain photo. Until I become wealthy and can afford to hire a house keeper and a cook, it looks like this photo project might be passed down to my daughter. Since she has my photo taking gene, she have an even larger collection from her travels all over the world.

My mother would say, I have so much to do, I don’t know where to start. I thought when I retired I would have hours and hours to do the things I wanted to do. The joke is on me. I didn’t realize how many enjoyable things I had pushed aside during my working years until I picked them back up or started something new.

Take a deep breath, relax my shoulders, finish this blog, grab another cup of coffee and peek at my peaceful place on my way through the kitchen, and get busy. My goodness, it’s almost seven in the morning and I haven’t done anything on my to do list.


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