A Gift

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I’m celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a weekend of book giving. MrPerfect.com is free for downloading this Friday – Monday.

I’ll be up front, this book isn’t for everyone. It’s aimed at over 18 adults and even some of those might be offended. If you like a thrilling, believable story you can always skip over the raw language and sexual situations and still be turning the pagers to see what happens next.

One of my book reviewers said there was too much cussing. I wanted to ask her if she had been within ear shot of a high school releasing students for the day. To each his own and I respect everyone’s opinion.

Bottom line, this story was birthed from some real life experiences. Experiences from friends and from my own life. I trusted myself when writing this story on how I would react in the same situations. I would not have been saying, “Oh, Gee whiz, I think he’s going to kill me. Darn it.”  Some would say my inner Sailor came out but that’s okay. He has lived with me for a long time, mostly on the inside. However, someone’s trying to rape and kill me, not only is the Sailor popping out, buy my inner Rhonda Rousey will do her best to stay alive. So happens with Dawn in this story, like her or not, she is a survivor.

In case you are wondering, no I have not personally had to fight off a serial killer. But I have survived an abusive relationship, have been stranded miles from home with no money or vehicle, have been flat broke, no job and no place to live except an old car, have survived working on a truck farm during summertime in Alabama, and have loved, lost love and found it again. Add all of that to my medical history of almost bleeding to death, having a stroke and being a cancer survivor, it wasn’t very hard to imagine how Dawn would survive in this story.

I hope you will take advantage of this free book weekend and enjoy this story as much as some of my reviewers have. Please feel free to leave a review on Amazon or drop me an email, I cherish your opinions.

Find me or my work: https://kdbloodworth1.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/pages/KD-Bloodworth/411342242325034 and http://amzn.com/B00OQJENJK


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