Act Like A Fool


I told myself I wouldn’t blog about the happenings in Baltimore but of course I can’t keep my fingers quiet. I know what I’m about to say is going to upset a lot of people, some will un-friend me on Facebook and other’s will stop following me on Twitter or reading this blog. That’s your right but before you leave me I wish someone could explain things to me, because I just don’t get it.

I understand how poor people feel (inner city or country folks), no matter what their age. I understand that being poor. I wasn’t born into a wealthy family. I was lucky enough to be born into a family, both mother and father living in the same loving house. I was taught to respect the law and other people. I was taught right from wrong. I was taught it was my right to have a different opinion and to be able to express that opinion but to never hurt another person. I was also taught it was up to me to better myself and my actions were my responsibility. If I screwed up, I was taught to own up to what ever it was and make it right.

I’m old enough to remember the riots of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. I understood the riots that came from the civil rights movement, or I should say I understand how those happened. I like to think our nation has come a long way since those days but I’m starting to think we haven’t.

You can call me a racist if you want but I find it hard to believe the actions of the past few days in Baltimore has anything to do with race. The city has a black Mayor, a black Police Chief, I believe a black Assistant Police Chief and the police force has a good percentage of black officers. There were black officers involved in the Freddie Gray incident. I wasn’t there, I do not know his history with the police so I will not comment on that matter as it’s being investigated.

What I do feel is, the school kids that started this mess yesterday probably never knew Freddie Gray or have even seen him. I would be willing to bet most of those kids have never had a run in with the police, white or black. People are blaming this on social media. What a boat load of crap! Social Media, word of mouth, or passing notes in class, what would make a high school student think it was a good idea to throw bricks and boards at any human?

I wanted to gather every one of those kids up, pack them into a C-31 and fly their unhappy asses to Nepal. They want to throw bricks and boards, and start fires. Then they can dig in the rubble, brick by brick, board by board, then start the cremation fires for the dead. A month of that and I bet they would be happy to get back to their neighborhood in Baltimore. Giving them a real view of how poor people live in other parts of the world might jump-start their ambition to improve their lives through education and hard work. As for the adults that took over the rioting and looting last night, send them to Nepal too. They could use the same lessons.

Now the actions of the few last night have affected thousands. The poor will become even poorer since they burned down businesses in their own neighborhoods. Places where some of their neighbors worked. Now they have no place to work. Can anyone explain to me how any of that helps?

If believing I have more self-respect, respect for the law, human life and common sense, to not behave like those involved in yesterdays destruction in Baltimore is considered racism, then call me a racist.

I don’t care what color your skin is, but act like a fool and I will treat you like a fool. Act like a decent human being with an educated opinion and I will treat you with respect and kindness.


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