This sure struck a chord with me this morning. Not that I’m unhappy with my life and all the wonderful things in my life. It just made me feel rather shallow. How fortunate I am that this morning and most mornings I only have to think about little responsibilities in my life (home and family), some emails, blogging, and trying to promote my blog and books.

I taught myself to step back from  the political garbage and the people it all suffering from extremists. I was going to give myself an ulcer worrying about that kind of stuff.

The news coming out of Nepal really stopped me in my tracks yesterday. So many people, now dead or have on one or nothing left. How those people got up yesterday, just like me, ready to go about their everyday lives when all of a sudden their world changes forever. Not brought on by men or foes, but nature. Nothing any of us can control but can only see how tough nature can be for all of us.

I saw a post this morning, someone asking for just one positive word today. How about, “Alive.”  Being alive and staying alive in Nepal right now is going to be a challenge as many folks have only the clothes on their backs to keep them alive.

Anyone reading this, if you have more than the clothes on your back, take time to be thankful. As we breathe today, someone stops. As we eat today, someone is going hungry. As we  wish that someone would read our books today, there are those in the world than not only have no books left, they have no home to keep the book or family to share the book.

I am human and like most humans I forget sometimes just how wonderful life is really. Be thankful for each and everyday as we never know which day will be our last.


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