Morning Memories

This morning as the morning sky was waking, my mind traveled back in time to my childhood. The sun’s rays were shinning into my window warming my face, just as it did all those years ago. One of my bedroom windows faced east when I was growing up in Brighton Michigan. The second window faced north. Sunshine would wake me and I fell asleep star-gazing. I had a clock radio that only picked up AM radio stations. At night I could pick up radio signals from across the country. I felt like I was privileged have my own clock radio.

No matter the reason, this morning I found myself lingering between the sheets, soaking up the sunshine thinking about my old childhood home. My parents had bought the third house build in the new subdivision outside of town a couple of miles. We were the second family to move into the community. We moved in just before Christmas 1956. There were no other children my age living anywhere close. Within a year we had houses down the street and behind us. I was happy to meet the new neighbors with children my age.

This morning I found myself thinking of the very first friend I ever had. Her name was Vickie Beatles. She moved away in 1957 or early 1958. I can’t remember the years but it seems that her name and memory has stayed with me all these years. With promises to write each other and always be friends, I remember the day she left. Only a few letters were exchanged. My old brain thinks she moved to Jackson, Michigan but I can not say for sure. Funny how a person’s memory will stay with you all those years but I can’t remember what I went to the grocery store to buy once I get there.

I suppose the thoughts of posting something on Facebook for Throw Back Thursday was the reason for the memories taking control of my brain this morning. I started thinking about all the friends of long ago. Some I am still in contact and others are long gone from my life. I often wonder what happened to this person or that person. I wonder, do they wonder the same of me, or am I just a forgotten person from their past?

We would like to think we will never be forgotten but the fact remains, for most of us, we are all a fading memory. Why even those that do astounding, history breaking things, soon are forgotten, only to be found in history books.

The rest of us live in the memories of people who have touched our lives. Here’s to you Vickie Beatles, where ever you are, my very first friend in the world. I hope you had and are still having a good life.


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