Slug Sunday Declared!


I must still be the Queen of Vaughn, a title I held when living in Montana, since no one has written formally to tell me someone had taken over the title. I am now the Queen of Gilbert, although the residents might not know this as of yet. In that case I hold two titles in two different states. With that power and authority, I am declaring today, Slug Sunday and every Sunday here forward.

As free people you will be allowed to spend Slug Sundays doing anything you wish. If your idea of being a slug still includes cooking and cleaning, so be it. However, I would like to inject that a clean house never really solved anything. Long gone are the days when you spent days cleaning before house guests arrived. If people are coming to see how clean your house is, well have them come when you’re not home and have a look.

Gone are the days of white glove tested cleaning from my childhood and I have been looking at those days in my rearview mirror for years. We could never leave the house unless everything was spit shined and polished, only to come home and clutter it up with vacation laundry or something from a day’s outing.

If you are not lucky enough to have lived as long as I have and are still working, then you may make any other day of the week that you have off of work for your slug day. Everyone needs a slug day.

Regardless of what you may have heard this past week from some celebrity that sweat pants are the cause of divorce, it’s not true! The official dress code for Slug Sunday is pajamas, yoga pants or sweat pants. The official activities for Slug Sunday can include any activity you enjoy, such as coffee in bed with the Sunday paper, late morning sex, watching a sport or spending time on the patio with family. Up to you and yours. And by all means is going to church is an activity you enjoy, feel free to get dressed up and attend services, starting your slug part of the day directly afterwards. It’s all about taking time for you and yours.

With coffee cup in hand, I bid you a good day, as I head for the patio with my two dogs to watch the hummingbirds while I wait for the King of Gilbert to arise.


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