Zombies, Not Complicated

I love Zombies! No way around it. Zombies are not complicated. They roam around looking for fresh meat to eat. End of story. No conflicts with other Zombie nations. No worries about nuclear bombs. No worries about Ebola.  No worries about jobs, homes, cars or clothing.  They don’t worry about anything because they are brain-dead.

I think this great interest in Zombies comes from the human race wanting to be uncomplicated. As humans we have complicated our lives and screwed up this planet to the point where even being a Zombie is looking good.

Personally I like the Zombies that can think and actually control their need for brains. There are several movies and TV shows that run along that line. I do love the Walking Dead TV show but to be honest, Rick’s group would have all been dead the first season. My husband is always cheering for the Zombies. I can’t blame him.

If  we do have a Zombie outbreak, you can bet your last can of pork ‘n beans that I’m heading to an unpopulated area of the country, high atop a mountain where I can pick off any bad people or Zombies from about a thousand yards. Just saying….

I have to be honest, I saw the original Night of the Living Dead at the theater way back when. Today’s zombies are much more entertaining. Which makes me wonder, will today’s zombies evolve and become productive? If so, will they take over and start to govern the rest of us? Maybe even make us slaves or have human farms for their food supply. So many possibilities.

Which makes me wonder, would they do any worse than humans have done since the beginning of time?



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