Too Much Fun!

zoo fun

I would have to agree with the country song, “no such thing as too much fun!” My daughter Kelley and I have been on a rampage since her arrival to the Valley of the Sun. From road tripping south of the valley, hot air ballooning, swap meet and the zoo, we topped off the  weekend with a NASCAR race.

How lucky I have been to have Kelley here this past week to enjoy so many things and having so much fun. We have laughed so much, if laughter if the best medicine, I should live another forty years.  The balloon flight was amazing! Petting the Stingrays at the zoo was totally cool and I could have done that for hours!  The race yesterday was great too but we were missing one key person, my son in-law. Race day didn’t seem complete without him.

My darling husband has been working but he’s off again before Kelley leaves and he’s agreed to road trip with us up to Camp Verde, AZ for an Out of African experience. He didn’t change his mind even after we told him he couldn’t take his big game rifle! (Chill out PETA, he was just joking!)  Although, a safari to South Africa to hunt Cape Buffalo is not out of the question for him. 

Today we are taking a down day, only to top this afternoon off with a massage to restore our tired bodies for another two days of fun before I am forced to take her to the airport so she can go back to her home in Montana.

Arizona weather has been wonderful. Above average hot temperatures but it’s been just like everyone always says, “It’s a dry heat!” She’s lucky enough to be getting out-of-town before the horrible monsoon season hits. I’m refusing to even think about that!

Like me, I think she has been impressed with the kindness and friendly attitudes of the peopled that live in this valley and those just visiting. I sound like the tourist center for Arizona. Plenty to keep one busy, with lots of friendly people. Just need to figure out a way to stay cool in the summer monsoon season besides moving north.

In the meantime I’m off having more fun. I can finish writing the sequel to later, after Kelley goes back home and the summer heat arrives.


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