Special Birthday

Turning sixty-five was not in my vocabulary for the first sixty years of my life. I never even gave a thought to living this long. Unlike my dearly loved mother, who saved every penny for a rainy day, I took after my father. He wanted to live life, travel, see things others have not seen before and gave no thought of growing old. One time my mother asked me if I ever saved for a rainy day. I replied I like to play in the rain, besides there is never enough money to pay for all the rainy days in your life.

In 2003 I started writing. It took me ten years to finish my first book. Even as I clicked on the publish button, I thought to myself, there’s too much sex, but the shades of gray books were making a big splash, so I published. I think everyday I should do a re-write, skipping all the sexy parts to young girls could read about going nowhere fast. An even more disturbing thought in this day and age. Thank goodness I lived through those crazy sixties and seventies.

When I started writing MrPerfect.com the words flew onto the computer screen. I’m not even sure how long it took me to write the story but I felt it was a good read. I tried not to second guess myself and keep re-writing chapters. I just felt that even though the story was fiction it was a story that could actually happen in our time of computers and on-line dating. I picked one of my favorite places in Montana for the scene of the crime.

As a special birthday celebration, I am offering MrPerfect.com for $0.99 for the month of March, available on Amazon. See the reviews! I’m not the only one that thinks this is a good story! Get your hiking boots on!


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