Cancer – between facts and fiction

Melinda De Ross

There isn’t any one of us who hasn’t had an encounter with cancer. Either by our own experience, or through some of our loved ones, we all suffered losses and pain due to cancer. This is the disease of the 21st Century, and all the experiences my family and friends had regarding cancer were part of my inspiration for my second novel, Mirage Beyond Flames. In this novel I entwined facts with fiction, and I hope the readers who have a special interest in cancer found some very useful information.

My hero, Doctor Gerard Leon, has developed a treatment made from snake venom – that is fiction, at least partly. I don’t know if indeed there has been such a treatment developed in the medical world.

Gerard goes to Transylvania to his friend, Doctor Jean-Paul Battiste, who wants to share with him another innovative discovery. Here, the facts are…

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