Crawling out of the Abyss


I’m up early because I’m one of those damn morning people with plenty of plans for the day.

Fire up computer on the way to let the dogs out. Turn on coffee pot. Let dogs in. Did I finish drying the clothes last night? Make myself a cup of coffee. Give dogs their morning treat. Walk into my little office. Oh, go check on dryer. Nope, clothes are still wet, I never turned the dryer on.  Turn dryer on.  Back in the office, start checking emails. Left coffee on kitchen counter. Retrieve coffee. Check Facebook. No, back to emails. Coffee is chilling, back to kitchen to nuke coffee. Dogs want back out, so let them out. Back to computer, answer emails, check Twitter. Need another cup off coffee. Dryer pings. Get clothes out of the dryer and hung on hangers. Throw another load of clothes in the washer that I didn’t get done yesterday.  Back to office. Dogs want their breakfast. Fix their food. Back to office, sit down, pull up WordPress. Dammit, no coffee. Back to kitchen to fix another cup of coffee. Dogs want outside again. Make coffee and let dogs back in. Back to computer. New emails. New Tweets. Answer those and write blog for the day. Before I can finish that it’s time to go check on mom and see if she needs anything today. Finish coffee with her and make it back home in time to answer more emails, tweets and FB. Dammit, it’s almost eleven and I haven’t eaten anything thing. My stomach thinks someone cut my throat. Fix some brunch and another cup of coffee. Watch the news while eating my sandwich which sets off a string of thought for another blog. Back in my office, at the desk, opening WordPress again. Washer pings. Write another blog post, several more tweets and a couple of FB posts and OMG, more emails to answer.

And before I realize, it’s time to start making dinner and the washer is still full of wet clothes. Another day of not writing a single word for my next book. I have come to the conclusion that other authors have someone to take care of the everyday things in life or they just shut the door and leave it all there for another time. Getting caught in the Facebook and Twitter abyss in the mornings is sure doom for this independent author. My goal this month after my visitors leave it to limit my abyss time and devote most of the day on finishing the next book.  I can do this!


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