New Reviews! Oh My!

scared Yep, that’s pretty much the look I get when I realize I have new reviews for my book. Afraid to look, afraid not to look! I check out how many stars first! Five stars are a read as fast as I can! Four stars, is a good thing too. Anything below a four star I have to build up some confidence, after all, I have been told all reviews are helpful!

Don’t take a bad review personal I was once told. Someone just stabbed you in the heart and you’re not supposed to take it personal. It took a few not so good reviews of my first book to teach myself that no matter how good the writing not everyone is going to like what you wrote.

So today I see that I had two new reviews for  Checking the stars and then reading them great reviews, I’m on cloud nine today. I want to shout the news from the roof top! Tweet and Facebook everyone! How can I let complete strangers know people are actually liking my book?

I had promised this week I would lay off on the promoting and get back to writing my third book which is the sequel to  So I’m not so good at keeping promises to myself. Here it is Tuesday and I’m still promoting, still trying to get people to just look at my web page, take a peek at Amazon, read the reviews and see that the damn book has been on sale the past few days.  The price has gone up a dollar today and for the next couple of days but after reading the new reviews I can honestly say this book is worth every penny anyone spends, sale or not.

I’m done with the shocked faces when I see a new review. Dammit, I really did write a good book!  See for yourself!


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