The End Is Near!


Not the end of the world, but that maybe close too. Today I’m talking about the end of the $.99 sale for  The end of the world is a whole other subject.

Indie authors will understand this post probably better than most. As I have said in the past, self promoting makes beggars out of the best of us. I have given my newest book away, I have gifted my book, I have dropped the price to $.99 and I’m still on this damn computer begging people to give this book a try. The only thing worse than begging people to read your book is trying to get a review out of them. Readers have no problems with sending me an email or posting something on Facebook but write a review on Amazon; I might as well be asking for a million dollars.

I made a decision yesterday, after months or maybe it has been years of promoting, I’m now devoting my time to write. I’m about half way through the second story regarding Mr. Perfect’s offspring. I was shooting for a March release but that’s not going to happen. Now I’m looking at early summer.

I had an author tell me, the best way to promote your last book is to publish another one. Well, I’m taking their word for it and as soon as this Amazon promotion sale is over, I’m limiting myself to six tweets a day for promotions. Those of you that are jumping up and down with job, knock it off! If some big publishing company would notice me and publish my book I wouldn’t be doing all this begging. I mean promoting.

In the mean time, you have about nine hours left to pick up for $.99 before the price goes up to $1.99.


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