Lordy, We Need Help!


Yesterday everything my husband or I touched broke or turned to crap. It was just one of those days when Murphy had decided to move in with us. Today was a new day and started off just great. I was early for my doctor’s appointment. Just a routine visit. All was good. Made it to Lowe’s to pick up some items and found everything within minutes and was out the door and on my way to the grocery store.

The grocery store wasn’t busy and shopping was a stress free trip. I even had some fun conversations at the deli counter. Being in such a great mood I decided I would go across the street to the new Dunkin Donuts and pick up some treats for my donut loving husband.

When I walked into the place I realized how very long it had been since I have even been in a donut shop. No such thing in Montana where we lived for the past ten years. Having a donut shop a mile from the house and right across the street from the grocery store we shop at might prove to be a bad thing.

After my trip today, I think spending a lot of time there will not be a problem. My mind was so boggled by the time I left I’m afraid to go back. I’m afraid the stupid might rub off on me.

What in the hell are our kids learning these days? Ok, I will give the young man kudos to his manners. He was very nice and willing to help me with my decision on what to buy. Anything other than a glazed treat was a bit over whelming. Too many choices. Then he asked me if I wanted any Munchkins. What? He pointed to the donut holes. When did donut holes become Munchkins? I’m starting to feel really behind the times. My husband informed me that they have always been Munchkins at Dunkin. Show you how often I visit a donut shop.

I get some holes, I mean Munchkins and he rings me up. He tells me I owe him $9.47. I almost fall over. Now I know I’m older than dirt. I think the last time I bought a dozen donuts they were under three dollars. I give the young man a twenty. Then I say, I have the forty-three cents. He’s totally confused.  I explain I was giving him the change so he didn’t need to give me any coin. He’s looking at me, the register, the money in his hands and back at me like one of us is crazy. Oh, he says. No, it’s $10.53. To make things even worse I tell him I have the fifty-three cents.

OMG, he so confused he asks me if I want my twenty-dollar bill back. Calmly I explain, I’m giving you the fifty-three cents, all you need to do is give me ten dollars in change. He gives me two fives, shoves everything into his cash drawer and looks at me like I have just robbed him.

I took my three dollars worth of donuts that cost me over ten dollars and left. Dumbfounded that a young man, probably nineteen or twenty years old has no idea how to count change back to a customer. How do these people make it in this world? They have no clue if anyone is cheating them or not. If a machine doesn’t tell them what to do they don’t have any idea what should be done.

Again I’m thankful that I’m at the end of my so I won’t be around when these young people take over the world. Hopefully by then we won’t be using money to confuse people.


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