Telling A Good Story

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My first attempt of writing was a story based on things that happened to me in the sixties and early seventies. After explaining way too many times that the story was fiction and I really didn’t do all the things in Going Nowhere Fast, I now find myself explaining again that the events in did not really happen to me. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone. Let people think I really did all the things my imagination dreams up, really happened.

I like to think that authors that write about science fiction are not asked if their plots actually happened to them. However, I would bet there are some people out there that just might believe the stories as fact.

I realize it’s a sign of a good story-teller when the readers think the fictional events actually happened. To set the facts straight, I don’t think I have ever known a serial killer but I have often wondered about some folks. Back in the day when my friends and I were looking for Mr Perfect in the bars, there were plenty of guys that gave us the creeps. Who would know these days if one of them had turned out to be a madman? In today’s world of cyber space dating, how do you know with whom you are actually talking?

What happens when that romance a woman is looking for turns all wrong? What happens when that tender kiss of a new romance turns into terror? I thought I had captured those feelings in this book and according to my readers, I did just that.

I have thought all along that was a good read and I had done a good job with the story. After reading my reviews and emails again this morning, I think I have finally got it through my thick head, I really did it. This is a good story. It does capture the feelings of a love lost, a love found and all the terror of escaping death.

I suppose I have stated all of this before but a phone call from a friend of mine that is presently reading caused me to look at the reviews and emails I have received in the past few months.  Look for yourself and see what you think.


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