To Sex or Not to Sex!


I have always heard that sex sells and after going over my blog stats last night, I had to admit this is true. I wasn’t really selling anything but my best blog ever in regards to the number of readers was titled Sex for Everyone!  I started looking at some of my other blogs and wondered how I could add “Sex” to the title.

Seems no one cared about the New Reviews yesterday. Maybe I should have titled it, New Sex Reviews?  I started going down the list: No Place Like A “Sexy” Home, “Sex” Life is Amazing or “Sex,” Stalking or Devotion?.

What is it with sex and people? Are we just not getting enough in our lives that we have this need to watch or read about it? Just seeing the word “sex” draws us in quickly and we read what ever the article is about in hopes of having sex if only in our mind. We seem to watch commercials longer if there is a sexy body involved. I prefer the commercials that make me laugh. I suppose that is because I tend to find life in general funny. Also the fact that the best sex in the world is fun sex.

When we are young we tend to think sex is like what we have seen in movies and read about. As we grow older we realize that having fun and laughing when having sex, makes things even sweeter.

There was no sex involved in the new five start reviews I received yesterday but I was still very excited about them. Really, can a home be sexy?  I suppose Sex life can be amazing but that blog was just how great life is really. The Stalking or Devotion blog was about my crazy dogs. Of course after looking at that title, there might be a blog in that title with the added sex only not about my dogs.

Maybe I should just add a photo of a sexy person to get folks attention? Which would get more attention, the photo or the word sex in print? So many questions, so few answers, when it comes to sex!


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