Life is Amazing


No amazement at my house these days. Life had decided to throw me some curve balls. Each day I awake with all the good intentions of getting the things done on my to do list. By ten a.m. I can’t find the list, much less see how many things I have checked off.

Several years ago my darling husband told me to go ahead and retire at sixty-two. After all the difference in my retirement payments at that age and waiting until I was sixty-five was less that what I was paying monthly for gasoline, going to and from work. Besides he said, you will have time to finishing writing you book, write more, and have more time for your photography. OH, it all sounded so good and looked good on paper. WTH happened?

I find that I do not have enough hours in the day. I suppose that is because I spend many of my hours trying to promote things I have already written and the rest of my day and evening trying to catch up on the things that need done around here. It would help if I had any kind of resemblance of a memory. Much of my time is used on looking for things I have lost in this house. You would think we lived in at Downton Abbey with all those rooms. In all fairness those people had handmaids, butlers, footmen, cooks, and employees by the handfuls to keep track of their stuff. They didn’t have to stop and hunt for the paint brushes they just purchased for their husband because they couldn’t remember where they put them. They had someone else to hunt and find them in the guest bedroom next to my clothes I’m packing for my trip. Isn’t that were everyone lays their new paint brushes?

To be honest, this kind of things have been happening long before I retired. After a shopping trip one afternoon, I couldn’t fine the hairspray I had just purchased. I hunted high and low. I finally decided the cashier must not have put it in a bag. Or maybe I had left it in the shopping cart. I looked in the truck and in the driveway. No hair spray. Later that evening as I was getting dinner ready and reached into the produce drawer of the refrigerator, low and behold! There was my new can of hairspray.

I suppose that many people would keep things like this to themselves but what fun would that be? If I think this is funny, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Probably because if you are reading this and you are older than fifty, you totally understand.

It’s so very true, some days I amaze myself.  It’s just flat out amazing that I can go to the grocery store and come home with most everything on the list I made and left on the kitchen counter. It’s also amazing that not once during the day to I walk into a room and not remember why I walked in there.  Remembering to get something out to thaw for dinner is always a huge plus to my day. Although, I am getting good at those quick thaws.

Mostly though, I find life in general is truly amazing.


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