Mission or Vision?

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I was asked the other day if I had a mission? My first thought was, “Huh?” I had to think about this. Mission or Vision?  As far as a mission in life, these change almost on a daily basis, all depending on your age and what is happening to you or around you.

As a young girl, my mission was to got to school and learn. That mission went by the wayside when I discovered boys. Then my mission was to have fun and maybe find someone to share my life. That was accomplished and several years later,  my mission was to raise the little human I had given birth. Then years later my mission was to beat cancer.

Where am I now on this mission crap? Today my mission statement might be, “To successfully cause my readers to drop out of sight until they finish reading my book.”  As one reader said, “I was late for work because I couldn’t put this book down.”  I could say mission accomplished but I want every reader to feel that way about my writing.  I’m certainly not saying this will be my mission tomorrow or next week but it will do for today.

My vision? As in a vivid picture created by my imagination? With my imagination I could never say I have just one vision for my life. My vision would be to create novels that people love to read. I can visualize a novel being on the best seller’s list. My most popular vision in my mind is to, “Make as many people smile and laugh as I can throughout my life.” When people tell me I’m funny I guess my vision is coming true.

I still find myself wondering if having a mission or vision is all that important as long as you are doing something you like with your life. If all you can aim for is that mission or vision you might miss out on some really fun and exciting experiences.  In other words, if I’m on a road leading to my mission in life and come to a fork in that road, I immediately wonder where that road may lead and what experiences I might find on that little sidetrack.

After thinking this over for a day or so, I have decided the most important mission is to live each day to the fullest and have a vision of waking up again tomorrow.  It doesn’t get any better or easier than that!


One response to “Mission or Vision?

  1. Excellent conclusion. In life I think the most important thing is to be adaptable and not close yourself off to new possibilities. What you had in mind for your future may not be what’s intended for you.

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