Sex For Everybody!


I once had an eighty-five year old woman friend tell me that some nights she surely missed having sex with her husband. He had been dead for over twenty years. Yes, it’s true all you younger readers out there! Your parents and other older and even elderly people have or would like to have sex. That part of us, I believe, partly never dies, specially after talking with my older friend.  I was about twenty-five at the time and remember thinking I didn’t want to think about that at all!

My how the years have changed my way of thinking. That being the main reason I decided that the heroine in wouldn’t be a young, shapely, beautiful, alluring, sex kitten. Why in my mind she had stretch marks and scars. Crows feet and greying hair.  Although she was older, she was healthy and could mostly keep up with the mountain hike but I wanted it real and made her have to stop and rest.

I wanted women over forty to enjoy my story and not be wishing they were still twenty. Women over forty should only have to remember back a few days ago to their last romantic interlude with their lover. Over sixty, maybe a week ago! If you are reading this and are of those ages, I’m willing to bet you agree with me. Age has nothing to do with desire. Age may hinder performance but the desire is still there. I’m a firm believer that if you are over fifty you should probably stay off that trapeze in the bedroom.

Next time you are reading a hot, sexy romance, remember the person writing the scene may be your grandma’s age.  After all, it takes years of experience to perfect anything.


3 responses to “Sex For Everybody!

  1. You had a eighty-five year old woman friend at 25? That’s cool but I think I’ve only ever seen that before in movies. Did they just thaw you out Captain American?

    • A friend but not a going to the bar and hanging out type friend. She was actually a relative of my next door neighbor’s. She was funny and always giving me advice. Always saying things us young girls thought was crazy until we reached our fifties or sixties. She was long gone but her stories stuck with me. And after a day or two in our world, I think I would want them to freeze me again.

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