Don’t Shoot!


Actually, I have felt like shooting my computer many times. It’s not when something goes wrong during an update or even when I lose internet connections. It’s when I read back what I have been writing for several hours.

My brain goes on these rants and unfortunately, my brain works much faster than my fingers and my eyes. I have even found myself typing, deep in thought trying to actually visualize the scene and my eyes are closed. Am I the only person that does this I have often wondered? I often think my editor believes I type all my work with my eyes shut.  My editor lives in NY where it’s hard to require hand guns and this is a good thing for her. She doesn’t shoot her computer when editing my work.

Here lately, I have come to the conclusion that I’m in need of a new keyboard. The t’s and r’s keep sticking.  Yesterday as I was reading the chapter I had just pounded out, I had to add several works my slow fingers completely left out of my sentences.  Spell check did catch all the errrrrr  and the tttthere.

I find it very hard to slow down my typing when my brain is flowing and the words are coming easily.  Also proper grammar leaves the ranch when my creative juices are flowing like a flash flood, along with punctuation.  Again, I’m wondering do all writers have these same problems?

I apologize to all my readers of my blog and twitter for my fast brain and my slow fingers.  There are many times I hit the publish or tweet button and think, “ah crap, I forgot to edit that.” I do hope you understand and edit my rants for your own reading pleasure. I’m not dumb, just always seem to be in a hurry. Always trying to get the words leaking from my brain to my finger tips, before the thoughts escape me.

In the mean time, a deep and appreciated thank you, for every editor on the planet. Please don’t shoot your computer!



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