I’m A Liar!


2015!! You must be kidding me! If you would have told me in 1965, I would be ringing in the new year in 2015, I would have asked you for a toke of what you were smoking!  Okay, maybe not in 1965 but in 1969 I would have.  2015, that is a number of science fiction, no? WTF happened?  If you think I’m going to say, I got old, you must be smoking something now. I refuse to admit that this year I will officially be old. It might be official, but it will never register in my brain. I have no old cells in my brain.

I have old cells all over my body but my brain seems to still be young.  After all, it thinks I can still do things I did just a few short years ago. Well it thinks that until the next day when there aren’t enough Aleve to get me through the day. What happened to the balance I once had that allowed me to ice skate and walk around without tripping on air?

I have never been a nap person. My mother would fight with me get me to take a nap, from the beginning of my life I hated naps. The only time you saw me napping was when I was sick or hung-over or both. This past year, I find myself taking naps. I keep telling myself, it’s that I don’t sleep well at night and need that little pick me up in the late afternoon. I usually sleep like a dead person.  We become such liars in our older years and we tend to believe ourselves!  “I don’t need a nap.  I can stay up late. I’m not that fat. I’m not that skinny. I can do that. ”  I can do that, is one of our biggest lies. When we see that we can’t so something we once could do, we lie again. “I must be having a bad day.”

Today, I think I finally really understand my parents. Both of them would talk on New Years day about how they never thought about living that long. Amazed of all the changes in their lives through the years. I remember both of them saying, 1985! Unbelievable. They were going to be 65 that year.  A magic number that really sinks in to the young brain cells trying it’s best to make you believe you are getting old.

I refuse! Sure I might not be able to do all the things I once did, but that’s a part of plain ol living. I may not be able to remember a lot of stuff. I have to say if I didn’t have to remember 400 passwords I could probably remember more trivial things. (I probably need a nap!) If getting old is a state of mind, then I’m golden. My brain thinks I’m still 27! I’m doing my best to not allow my brain and my body to communicate. I just keep lying to my body and so far it’s working!






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