Happy Heart!



Yes a simple text made my heart happy a few minutes ago. Actually, more happy because I’m basically a happy person. This text was passed on to me from my daughter that had given MrPerfect.com as a gift.  The text read:

So…  im still laughing that I was actually contemplating doing match.com
Then i read this book…. guess I’ll just be single forever.  Montana
sounds beautiful but heck no to camping.  Actually had tough time putting
it down.  Read it in 2 days  🙂

I think I can think of this as a five-star review. Do you?  Oops, there I go again on the damn rollercoaster ride. Actually I was already going to the top of the first incline this morning, as I had some sales over night.

OK, I’m probably by now driving my followers bonkers with this book stuff.  I would apologize but I just can’t help myself. Regardless of the reviews, the praises, the stars, the best thing in my opinion is having someone say they had a tough time putting the book down.  That means my words grabbed them and held them.

Thank you, all of you, for reading my book, my blog and my tweets.  A grand way to end this year!


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