Rollercoaster From Hell!

Now in Paperback

Am I the only one? Am I insecure or optimistic? Why can’t I go just one day without checking my sales report on Amazon? It’s painful! One day I’m excited because I have several sales and a couple of Kindle Unlimited borrows. Then the arrow on the graph drops and nothing! No action for a few days. Then, wa-la a couple more sales. I’m all excited again. Getting people to read your books is the worse rollercoaster ride ever!

Climbing up to the highest point of the ride, the day your book goes live on Amazon. Then the big drop because thousands of people did not immediately go on-line and buy ten copies.  Then a few sales takes you back up to the next high point.  Ups, down, spins and loops! Before the first month is over you need to be taking massive doses of Dramamine or start drinking on a daily basis.

Why can’t I stop looking at the damn sales graph? I’m a glutton for punishment? I like to think I’m an optimist just waiting for that day when all of a sudden I start getting daily sales!  I wonder if one actually gets off the crazy rollercoaster even when they achieve daily sales? I would like to know!



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